Badd Yute PRESTIGE Straight Hair Single Bundle 24”

Badd Yute PRESTIGE Straight Hair Single Bundle 24”

SKU: BYHStraight24


Badd Yute Prestige Hair range is sourced from the highest quality 100% cuticle aligned, Single Donor Raw Unprocessed Hair, all our curled/waved bundles are steam processed processed to maintain the integrity & prestigious quality of our bundles.

We like to point out that whilst its impossible to have bundles 100% the same length, Our Prestige range has less short hairs on the uppermost region of the weft meaning more full length strands within our bundles from weft to tip. Looking for hair quality & longevity? Well the Prestige Single Donor Range can Last More Than 2 Years if customers maintain the hair well; making it a worthy long term investment for those who value prestige quality.

You may have become accustomed to seeing hair listed in mythical numerical or alphabetical grades eg A grade, 8A etc Let us put your mind at ease by debunking the mythical jargon! A lot of mass market vendors use this 7A 8A grading system one year and same hair next year they’ll market as say 9A 10A, and even go as far as to change the package in order to market & sell as 11A 12A...This is a MARKETING gimmick used by many vendors on internet...

Here at Badd Yute Hair we stand proud by our own quality standard and descriptions which are factual & make more sense. Finally rest assured... Our Prestige Range can be bleached and coloured exceptionally well Without fear of Shedding nor Tangling.

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