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Cryostar Slimming

CryoSlimmingOur Slimming treatment helps to reduce fat and uses a moveable head. First warmth is applied to open up the fat cells and then cooling is applied to shrink and freeze the fat cells, which are digested through your body. We usually recommend about 3-5 sessions per area to see that "wow" difference, but it is permanent with healthy eating and exercise. Most people see about 1/2 to 2 inches difference in their first session!

Cryostar Toning 

CryoToningOur Toning treatment uses a moveable head and cooling is applied to that area to increase collagen and tighten skin to reduce cellulite. We usually recommend 3-5 sessions about 1 week apart each, and then from there you would just need maintenance treatments every couple of months once the results start to fade.


Cryostar Facial

CryoFacialOur Facial treatment uses a movable head and cooling and helps to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and swelling, and is a completely non-invasive, anti-aging treatment.

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